Can You Physically Show The Problem You Resolve Like These Schoolkids

This took me back to my tiny classroom days with a twinkle.

The southernmost tip of Africa has a lighthouse, with a small museum at its base.

Local school children have on display a project on ocean plastic.

In the middle of one room, you’ll see from my pic a tall tripod housing debris they’ve collected on the nearby shores that mankind has shamefully discarded.

The problem they highlight is one of plastic waste mounting up, toxifying our precious seas.

I recall doing similar sculptures and ‘art works’ when I was also their age.

Many of the issues we fix are intangibles. Yet I wonder if we could in fact create a physical manifestation of them, as is shown here?

It wouldn’t be an option for all solution sells, but if you can show the problem, then you may well be onto a winner.

Even if you cannot find object examples of problem-demonstration from around your client/prospect base, then you must still be on constant lookout for samples evidencing the problem that you uniquely, brilliantly, make better.

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