You Need A Catcher

I was comforted to hear this presentation tip from the world of pharmaceutical sales.

Back in the day, before the wonder of freely available satellite mapping as shown above, a lady was trying to sell into a particular region.

They prospective clients faced the upheaval/opportunity of a new facility being built. Whether they embraced or feared the upcoming change, they were all talking about it.

So she thought she’d tackle the issue head on.

Hiring a local microlight pilot, she got photos from above.

Then used the pics as part of her slidedeck.

The audience were clearly interested. Their attention grabbed, and maintained.

She also revealed to me that this was accompanied by her ‘phrase’ of that pitch.

As she summed up;

“you need a catcher”

Have you both such a slide that stands you out from every other message, and a winning mantra “catcher” that gets remembered alongside?

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