Does Annual Billionaire Founder New Year Resolution Match Your Sales Aims

Feeds are abuzz with the latest New Year Resolution of Gazillionaire Facebook Founder and all round figure of light/dark, Mark Zuckerberg.

This year’s iteration seems to be garnering more opprobrium than usual, dismissed as mere techpreneur virtue signalling. Here’s each widely reported accumulated top personal desire since publicly starting with them;

2018 Focus on fixing Facebook’s platform-abuse problems
2017 Meet someone from every US state
2016 Build an artificially intelligent app for his home and run 365 miles
2015 Read a book every two weeks
2014 Write a thank-you note daily
2013 Meet a non-Facebook person every day
2012 Code daily
2011 Be a vegetarian or eat meat only if he killed the animal himself
2010 Learn Mandarin
2009 Wear a tie daily

Will 2020’s be to wear a snazzy colour t-shirt to work?

Yes, it’s Sales Kick-Off season. (On which I blogged on this week here and there too.)

This list would make for a decent intro slide internally should you wish to major on a specific core fresh selling tenet for the team.

Especially if you can compare with historical key aims as presented at previous opening sessions.

If such are not stated formally, and you have a more casual forum, then you could invite responses from the floor for what last year’s may have been, wonder aloud how successful it was, and pontificate on what the new year might do well to focus on now.

It could also be worth pointing out, that whenever you’re trying to impress upon a prospect a new line in general company strategy, this listing may also provide a gentle intro should you know them or their interest in social media well.

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