New Year Emulation Presentation

Building from yesterday‘s thoughts on sales year Kick-Off presentation slidedeck ideas, I realised my feeds recently were full of listicle sewage around the seasonal fayre of resolutions.

Then, a possible sighting of a rose growing alone on the surrounding manure.

Someone decided to make a list of celebrities you could use as inspiration for the new year’s – two-thousand-and-mine-teen, oh dear – transformation you wish to undertake.

Transposed onto selling there’s definitely life in this concept.

I immediately thought of a slide along the lines of, for instance, 2019’s Key 2018 Deals.

Where you highlight the customers, projects and deliveries from the previous twelve months that you’d want to see replicated elsewhere over the upcoming year.

It could be they’re smack bang in the middle of an often unexplored sweet spot. Feature a critical competitive replacement. Represent a killer yet often overlooked part of your sales process.

In fact, any area where to emulate would be to celebrate, this time next year…

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