Curated Bizarrerie for the Kick-Off Deck

Calendar year Sales Kick-Off events are looming. Typically for the mid- to late-Jan, the lubricated bonding get-together doubling as motivational push for the year ahead.

Among the trumpets, perorations and glossing over the unpopular parts of the comp plan, leaders are usually required to deliver their presentation on a key new direction.

I often blog on ideas to bring these types of show to life (eg this from three or here from two years back). Here’s another, courtesy of Cape Town’s keepers of their iconic Table Mountain.

They publish a list of the most unusual questions asked of their attraction guides over the course of the previous year. They entitle the collected 25, Cableway’s funniest 2018 questions. This edition does not disappoint.

Highlights include;

Can one bungee jump from the cable car?
Where are you guys and is this a restaurant?
Why can’t I find a KFC at the top of the mountain?
Can you perhaps tell how the weather’s gonna be tomorrow on the mountain? Time wise?
(and possibly quite cleverly,) Tell me, in your opinion, what is so special about Table Mountain?

If tasked with creating a kick-off deck, you needn’t try struggling with making a 25-long list. A top 10, or even Super 6 style treatment can work just as well. So long as you’ve fertile ground to till.

Funniest, strangest, oddest questions, answers or situations encountered during the selling year can fit the bill.

Adding a touch of levity to your review of both past and present and hopefully making your core new year message that vital little bit more memorable.

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