Can You Sum Up Like WhatsApp What Your Customer Does NOT Want?

WhatsApp No x3 cropped

Back to Facebook’s incredible $16bn purchase of the globally mighty little messaging app.

This congratulatory valediction from one venture capital investor contains a couple of marvellous sales ideas.

Their picture is of a full-page note that one founder gave the other. They duly stuck it on their desk. It beautifully sums up what they knew their users did not want to see.

Is there a page torn out a note book like this displayed where all the world can see it in your workspace?

If not, then what would one say? You’ll likely have all manner of snappy sounding cutesy marketing style straplines to choose from. I’m not talking about what you have. Rather, how about what your customers value from you that is thankfully absent from other competing options for their funds?

How can you get specific with statements like theirs?

No hassle. No hidden extras. No secrets. No doubts. No risk. No failure.

Yet with relevance to your particular wares. And you need only stick to a trio like they do too.

And as a bonus, isn’t the glory retold through four numbers a fine format.

450 – 32 – 1 – 0

One easily adaptable for your next workshop kick-off, issue interrogation or (where forced to play that game) outright pitch.

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