Can You Use A Summary Slide Like CNN?

egyptsnewconstitution cnn slide

As a majority of the planet’s souls remain deprived of genuine democracy, Egyptians voted on a new constitution this week.

I caught CNN put forward the document’s pros and cons with this graphic.

Every presentation should have a recap slide.

Newsreader Becky Anderson had this slide behind her and made seven points from it. For each point, the specific area relevant was zoomed in to full view. It gave a good effect.

In the field, it’s probably best not to show the summary slide from the off. Rather show each mini-section. Then have them all shown at the end for discussion prompts and action decisions.

Their icon treatment is also a neat touch. The little images to denote each heading breaks up the visual and I think give text more impact.

In whatever way you present, this is a decent reminder of the power
and necessity of a summary slide.

Is this kind of recap a feature of your work yet? And if so, how can you build on CNN’s idea here?

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