Can You Use The Red Arrows Debrief Psychology Trick?

Here’s an internal meeting idea swooping in from left-horizon. From guys I’ve seen talk in the flesh too, and are currently on a rare N American fly-by.

I’ve been party to a torrid lost-deal debrief in my time.

They can also erupt discussing how a meeting crash-landed part-way through an opportunity too.

One of the most ferocious was also my first experience.

A cert had slipped through the fingers.

Those involved at some stage sought to pick through the pieces.

There were seven or eight crammed in the compact room.

Things began to get so heated that I (as cubrep on the margins of the bid) was asked to make myself scarce.

I could still hear the shouting half-an-office away.

The main fault was duly pinned down.

Eventually the rep in question put his hand up, saying he’d “over-sold”. Quite incredible.

Meetings on such scale are fairly infrequent.

It’s not often so many from the salesforce are together on a bid.

Yet you can often get a post-mortem trio, say; manager, rep, techie.

The world-leading aerobatic Red Arrows jet pilots endure relentless training.

When readying themselves for a display, they’ve learned to deploy a cunning psych-tactic.

With careers so openly on-the-line, there are no Proper Names used in any subsequent debrief. Which is usually an intense forum.

The squadron leader, observer from the ground now operating the video playback, is Red One.

The rest of the team, Red 2 to Red 10.

A fly-on-the-wall film crew showed how much more smoothly the debrief ran with this core component in place.

I can imagine how tricky mapping the very same format onto a corporate meet might be. But if you can, I sense it’ll greater contribute to avoiding repeating mistakes in the future you so badly must prevent.

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