Can You Use This Top Dating Guru Approach To Selling Something New?


That’s what longtime matchmaker Shannon Davidoff suggests gets rapport going like nothing else.

In this case, I heard her (playfully) ripping apart the tinder dating profile of a female broadcaster.

Never wear a hat. Never wear florals. Are you after lesbians?

The studio was in hysterics.

Men, it appears have only one brain cell. And they hold it in their hand.

So ladies must arose them.

But not in the way you jump to thinking…

She was talking about triggering their curiosity.

Something about the profile that intrigues them. Beyond the purely animal.

With 25yrs+ experience in the matchmaking game, can this steer transfer across to solution selling a new product?

I hope by now regular readers will know not to retread the tired, ‘my new wonder-product will change your life’ type intro. It doesn’t work. Perhaps never really did.

I’m reminded of the ‘equation’ style pitch templates.

For this idea, a bit like this as a vibe;

A + B = C

Where ‘A’ is if the prospect is Aware of a particular issue, state or occurrence.

‘B’ denoting that there’s an acknowledged Bearing such a state can lead to (or is already heading there).

Giving us the ‘C’ of Curiosity, as they’re open to talking through how you may well have a different way of looking at this now.

Verbalised perhaps this way;

Wondered if you can do something about ________, and help prevent/unleash ________, then might you like to talk through our new approach to ________?

Similar to the classic of the cold-call pitch format of Ari Galper. Which can’t be a bad thing. One hopefully your fresh batch of prospects will indeed be open to.

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