Where's Your Cricket Analyst FieldShield?

Or should I follow the branding, #FieldShield™?

It’s fair to say that Simon Hughes helped revolutionise tv sport coverage.

The former cricket spin bowler, hitting the heights of being an England International no less, sat himself in a van outside the ground and forensically yet clearly dissected the action as it unfolded in a way new to viewers.

Who lapped up his analysis.

Two decades on, a dispute over broadcast rights from the Indian cricketing authorities – an outfit often espousing the kind of ‘benevolence’ that could be the envy of even the Chinese Communist Party – meant the UK channel had just a couple of days to throw together a programme. Without recourse to the replay wizardry of the day. Giving only what they got from the host’s feed. Which was little beyond the live picture itself.

Within the two-minute clip above, you see how The Analyst dealt with his lack of live footage and studio gizmos to add his bulging toolbox of various lines and shapes, colours and spotlights onto.

And so physical prop was born. Set to become legend.

From Alfred The Great to your next zoom call?

Why not?

What’s your prospect’s equivalent of a fielder positions in a cricket match?

The handle is inspired.

I myself use a small whiteboard on video calls. Holding the frame as I write, point and explain.

Note how his handle lets him keep it neatly in frame throughout its use.

Allowing easy movement of the magnetic counters too with a stable board.

And how the now seasoned telly man regularly looks back as his camera (you) to maintain impact.

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