Can Your New Product Cocktail Drown England's Footballing Sorrows

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It’s still so raw. England. England who couldn’t play football.

Of the countless pages of media post-mortems I’ve scrolled down, here’s one that suggests continual failure follows an established pattern.

I have used the analogy of a recipe with success to workshop the key ingredients that a salesteam’s latest freshly launched wonderware may possess.

This paragraph of prose prompts me with another angle.

What makes for the environment that best allows the need for our product to rise?

The journo here pours a cocktail theme.

What base element is your starting point? What mixes into it and with which measure? What sprinkle adds a unique flavour for you? Which leftfield addition nicely turns standard towards showstopper? How long is it shaken (or stirred)? When do “tears of bitter disappointment” finally flood forth?

Knowing the “problem” environment you brilliantly resolve is a significant part of the mix shamefully overlooked by too many a salesforce. You can now mix this in for a winning signature drink.

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