David JP Phillips TEDx How To Avoid Death By Powerpoint

Twenty terrific minutes of presentation tips.

The vid above pretty much speaks for itself.

Any Sales presenter should watch it. And act on its advice.

There’s irony in that the slide he chooses to use as demonstration (about a super-car development) is neither sexy nor ground-breaking in its eventual look. Yet you really do get to see how each little tweak helps you firmly land your message on the rocky lunar surface of your prospect mind.

Rather than repeat it all, what I’ll pick out is simply that the summarise/re-cap at the end is one of the best you’ll see.

After spending the preceding meat of the talk explaining how you should approach slide design (accompanied by psychological “proof”), David Phillips then enters the “cross examination”.

It’s a delight.

Here’s a screen grab of his sextet of steers delivered here. The titular words correspond roughly to these points;

  1. only ever one single message per slide
  2. use contrast to draw view on an area of focus
  3. the important text should be the biggest size (which won’t be the headline)
  4. never speak over sentences on the screen
  5. use dark backgrounds (not white)
  6. you must not have more than 6 objects on a slide

After seeing them for yourself, I know you’ll be both remembering them and eager to get cracking on splattering them liberally among your next deck.

davidjpphillips sextet

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