Candle Experience

How often have you told someone everything you think is great about your product, but all you get in response is disinterested silence with glazed eyes?  How can the prospect be so stupid?!

Well, they’re not stupid of course.  In our tunnel-visioned enthusiasm, we’ve forgotten to get across a key hook of why we’re terrific.  And I came across an excellent reminder of how to avoid this trap, albeit with a grating example using candles.

Imagine two candlemakers.

One says, “My candles have only the finest wax with the best quality wick!

The other says, “These are prayer candles. Light one whenever you pray.

There are dozens of people who will buy the first.

But there are millions who will buy the second.

Clearly, it urges you to think less about the ‘features’ of your product.  Jettison references to the quality of your wax and wicks, for instance.  Instead, focus on the circumstances under which you’re product would be used.  What situation does it enhance, or work alongside, that would promote use?  And also, what is the experience the customer should enjoy that you can ride alongside?

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