Canned Demo

I witnessed an online new tech product demo not long ago at an off-site conference. In rehearsal, it worked, no problem.

When the time came though, the hotel wifi was down, and the demo could not progress. Such a shame.

The person sitting next to me was the overall boss.

He commented that when he’d done demos, way back in the day, he always had a pre-prepared back-up. He called it his ‘canned demo’.

I shared that when I first sold online solutions, I too had such a canned demo. It was a small series of sequential screengrabs. I was forced to resort to it on the odd occasion too.

I found it didn’t matter whether the demo was live or canned. It was all about nailing their issue that I could resolve. Then reconvening would be a doddle.

If you’re in a similar arena, do you have your own canned demo on which to call?

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