Singapore Airport Feedback


Changi airport, the ablutions in one of their recently revamped terminals.

Right next to the exit door you get confronted with this touch screen.


Then, when I flew out and was at the tax refund desk, the same thing. I rated my customs officer the same as their toilets. Excellent.

I love this kind of instant feedback.

As salespeople, we rarely, if ever, seek it. At the end of a meeting, or presentation, we’re often over-focused on some ‘clever close’.

In one of the first ever training days I had as a seller, at an HP office, a chap called Alistair ‘closed’ at the end of our team prez. He was terrific. The first thing he asked was whether all the audience felt their issues had been properly summarised.

I recently recalled how London’s self-styled ‘posh-plumbers’ (Pimlico Plumbers) seek your instant feedback once a job is complete on the paperwork you sign after.

We should stop and make a plan to get this same and vital intel back from prospects.

People often moan that ‘buyers are liars’, ‘they’ll never tell you the truth’ and such like. But that’s because the right question is not being asked.

Rather than ask if the deal’s in the bag, which is pretty much the extent of it, ask about something that holds meaning for them.

Have I understood where you’re at?

What have I missed out on your plans?

Do you think I know what you want?

You happy I can go away with this info and help you?

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