CEO Thinking For 2012

A seasoned salesrep revealed this list to me. It is apparently from analyst Gartner. It purports to show the items CEOs were fixed on for 2012, when surveyed back in December.

  1. grow in uncertain economy
  2. prepare for & reduce employee flight
  3. acknowledge customer is boss
  4. surrender to social media
  5. keep pace with regulation
  6. protect against increased risk
  7. go global
  8. watch reputation
  9. keep up with technology
  10. stay ahead of competition

Generic meaningless drivel.

As an aside, the CIO list was just as lame. It sparked an interesting conversation with a pal of mine who noted that when he asked a CIO customer of his, the number one 2012 priority given was “to make sure we get payback from”. Rather him than me, but the point was made. Senior execs know exactly what their focus is in specific terms. Whether tactical or strategic, and we must align ourselves with such as valued suppliers.

I guarantee that if you asked the chief exec of your chummiest clients, their top three would be both different and deeper than any of these listed nonsense.

And there’s a thought… have you asked them yet for this year?

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