Change Necessary, Progress Inevitable

An ad for something or other. With this cyber security outfit leveraging the kudos of Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield.

You do wonder to what extent he is scripted by the producers, yet there are a few salient sentences we can use in our solution selling orbit.

The shortform 60sec piece examines 'what is progress'.

There is also a longer clip. Answering three questions. And as a Sales aside, check out this statement. In summary of Question 2 of 3 answered by him, assessing 'benefits of space exploration';

technology, self-awareness, inspiration.

Not only his three reasons why we need to explore space, but surely also three great pillars of career propulsion for pursuing the fixing of prospect problems with our solutions.

Here's a trio of his 'change' related soundbites;

We need to recognise that nothing stays the same. Change isn't just inevitable, it's necessary.
When you can fold the impossible into the reality of normal life right now, I think, that's what progress is.
Progress enables everything, but we need to be measured in how we adopt it.

Where your prospect needs to see that Change = Progress. Or vice versa.

Then show how to 'fold the impossible into their reality' for genuine progress to result.

And we can build in winning mitigations. Factors which help ensure as well as anyone can, that success will follow. Showing you will help them be "measured" in how they "adopt it" too.

Excellent additions to our armoury when that 'change' conversation may be tricky. Especially when a prospect reacts awkwardly to their perception of how it might affect them.

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