Golf Club Marking Can DQ Your Bid

Golf suffers from a raft of arcane rules that put off many a potential fan.

You can take a marker pen to your ball to help you line it up when putting, but not it seems, do similar to highlight the sweet spot of your club face.

Despite the obscure shoulder shrugging headscratchery of parts of their game's rulebook, there's a visual reminder in this for us when on a bid.

We too have our flavours of disqualification. So how can we avoid this golfing dreaded DQ?

If your 'sweet spot' is not valued by the prospect, then why are you still pitching?

Or indeed, another way 'round, if your prospect falls outside your normal deal-clinching 'sweet spot', then again, why pitch?

No matter how indignant you may be insisting how your uniques are what the prospect needs, if they do not appear to be what they want, let alone appreciate, then why waste your precious time?

Let's go back a bit too.

Do you know where your sweet spot actually is?

Whether it's in qualification, for type of deal engaged with in the first place. Or further down the line, as the deal takes shape and needs are developed, do they map snugly onto what you unleash?

Unlike this golfer, we are allowed to draw these out. Then go smash one down the fairway towards the green yourself, and nestle nicely adjacent the hole for your own tap-in.

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