Channel Business TV To Broadcast New Year's Trends

cnbc 2016 playbook food

CNBC this holiday week show a good feature.

They call it The 2016 Playbook.

Each sector reporter delivers their snappy top three trends for next year.

The first was “fast, fresh and funky food trends to watch in 2016”. Reporter Jane Wells sped through a delivery explosion, then African flavours and ethic condiments before ending with why fresh food prices will rise. Live to camera she also added wine-in-a-can (yuk) and dehydrated food (yuk yuk). But no mention of insects.

Minilivestock is the future, people!

The delivery is slick.

We can channel this.

When both internal and external.

A couple of years back I touched on something similar (through year-end ‘best’ charts and rubbing your crystal ball).

TV news sector analysts make their predictions. And so can we.

Bear in mind though, that these are not meant to show you are the sage of the lottery numbers. You can even regale your audience upfront with a killer quote, such as from playwright Eugene Ionesco;

You can only predict things after they have happened.

Rather, predictions are about opening up discussion. About what is important right now, or is looming larger on the near-horizon, rising rapidly up the priority list.

You’re focused on a line of business. A particular type of buyer role or personality. A specific niche somewhere. A defined problem you resolve.

There must be a Top 3 Trends you can conjure.

Create and present. Ignite that vital deal-clinching conversation that sets you apart. This week.

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