Soul Of Genius Incident Room Desk Space

I like to spread a certain joy. Salespeople, create your own vibrant workspace. Particularly when you’ve a piece of wall at your disposal.

It should be plastered with images and signs that reinforce your pursuit of process and remind you of success.

Many a set designer show us the way.

I recently came across feature-length Oxford detective Lewis encounter a part-time sleuth. She turned her home into an ‘incident room’.

“Soul Of Genius”, 2012, Series 6 episode 1. We first spy the hallway from the inside.

lewis soulofgenius incidentroom hall

Both sides strewn with papers from skirting to coving.

We scan around the house. The lounge is no different.

lewis soulofgenius incidentroom lounge

I was particularly drawn to the string linking various bits.

There’s even scrawl across the ceiling. As well as another (blurry) wall devoted to sticky notelets.

lewis soulofgenius incidentroom noteletwall

A touch extreme and haphazard perhaps.

Yet precisely how the best sellers decorate their environment.

It really ought be all about you and your goals.

What do you see around your desk?

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