Check the carburettor!

Interesting mini-objection handle, aimed at situations when people are being swayed by minutiae that is far too tekkie for your liking.  A fella called Steve Chuter, who sells awesome drinks dispense kit (at last, a 5-second pint at footie games!) passed me this neat little gem.

Often sales people get frustrated by technical people not seeing the big picture.  How can a decision be made upon the make-up of a minor component, when the bottom-line is we’d save them squillions?

When this crops up, simply point out that they wouldn’t buy a car because of the OEM that put together the carburettor, would you?  More likely you’d go on overall feel of driving, fuel consumption, or 0-60.  So let’s look at the bigger picture, after all it’s how everything hangs together…

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