Avoid the Pilot's errors

We were nattering away in the office, before I remembered to crack the whip and ensure the Greek galleon continued on it’s smooth course, about forgetting to do one vital thing on a sales campaign, and as a result going from hero to zero, with sales figures falling.

It reminded me of a story a fella that taught my pal Richie Hoare to fly in San Francisco passed on.  He’d also played for The Eagles (US national rugby team and had a few minutes running out at Twickenham).  Apparently, it’s not the newly qualified pilots that make the stupidest mistakes.  Often, you’ll get a pilot with hundreds of thousands of flying hours under their belt, and they’ll forget one of the most basic things; dropping the wheels when coming into land!  And a buzzer or the Tower will remind them bout their landing gear.

One of our Boiler Roomers, Marcus, comes from a derivatives background, and he reckons it’s the same with traders he saw in action.  The Number One person would all of a sudden have a stinker of a month.  And the reason was often they’d forgot, or tried to take a shortcut around, one thing they’d previously always done.  Typically this lack of concentration concerns a wrong stop-loss strategy, so they bail too late.

The message is clear, if you’re in a slight rut, it could well be because there’s one small thing you’re forgetting to do.  So, simply find it and make amends.

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