Venting Frustration

I met a total tosspot yesterday.  Full of self-importance, a total absence of rapport establishment capability, and a complete disregard for what really makes a difference to his sales guys.  We shall refer to him as “Gav”.  And I reckon if I was one of the dozen or so guys reporting into him, he’d have my foot in his mouth sharpish.

I came out of the call with one of my Boiler Roomers, who remarked we should have a part of the wall back in the office where we put business cards of people who are idiots.  This would serve as a little reminder we are winners when something doesn’t quite go our way – to spur us on as we must strive to be better than total clowns we’d met.

This reminded me of an early- to mid-90s trick of the Nottingham office of recruitment animals, Austin Benn.  When they came across someone who’d been rude to them, the put-upon rep would make the mobile number available of said annoyance.  Whenever any of the team then felt the need to vent frustration, they’d select one of the numbers, make sure their outgoing number couldn’t be seen, call them up, and shout a tirade of unmentionables down the line.

Gav would probably take it as a compliment.

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