Circus time price answer

Do you sell something that can be broken down into a small amount?  The classic is leasing or rental type sales.  Something where you can say it only costs x per minute.  The photocopier crowd have been doing it for years; “you gotta go for this, as it’s only 5 pence a click”.  Today on the news in London, there’s a big story about Charley Loafer Winsdor paying a £3.3m tax bill.  Immediately his team set out to put a positive spin on all things to do with this unelected relic that should be consigned to history’s dustbin, by saying what tremendous value he is.  Rubbish.  Anyway, to help ‘sell’ him, they say he only “costs” each person in the UK 3½pence a year.  Making the amount seem triflingly small is a classic sales technique.

I was discussing with my Boiler Roomers how they could make describing what we charge easier.  Without going into potentially confusing detail, one of our products can be shown to cost £25 a week.  So we came up with this for next time a prospect asks for prices, thinking they’ll be hit with ‘bad news’, provided the atmosphere is conducive.  I gave them permission to whip a twenty and a fiver out their wallets, and place it on the middle of the table.  We’ll see how we get on… 🙂

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