Cheeky Cold Voicemail

Here’s a nifty little line a fella called Tom passed on to me from one of my customers.  He reckons that 7 to 8 out of 10 people he leaves voicemail messages for when prospecting call him back afterwards.

To work for you, I think it’s best if you operate in a readily indentifiable vertical.

“I was talking with [so-and-so] and they suggested I give you a call, could you ring me back on ……”

Where the ‘so-and-so’ is the name of a leading light at a competitor, who the prospect may have either heard of directly or at least recognises the company name.

When these 70-80% percent of people ring back, he then says, “Oh yeah, I remember talking to somebody the other day yes.  Well, I’m calling ‘cos I just put a package together for [insert number, best be several] people in your area/line. We’re benefitting them with [rattle off two quick three-word benefits], can I come and see if I can do the same things for you?”

He tells me that 4 of the 7/8 calling back agree to a meeting.

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