Cold Call Like Adonis

I’m indebted to a friend of mine who passed me on a pdf.  It’s a couple of pages with a blatant underlying message; anyone can quosh cold-calling phobia.  It apparently comes from a self-help book aimed at turning shy geeks that crumble in front of a woman into confident seducers of even the hottest of the species.  Anyway…

I’ll summarise this as it’s probably doing the email rounds as we blog.  A chap that was yet to fully indulge in pleasures of the flesh got fired from his code monkey type job.  Calling himself Adonis (who said Americans don’t do irony?) he decided the way to overcome his uselessness with the ladies was to force himself to approach 100 women in the street on a given Saturday in Los Angeles.  10 would be approached each hour.  And the lovely quote as he planned this? “Even if I crash and burn every time, at least I will conquer my fear of rejection”!

His opening line of choice was “who lies more, men or women?”  Unfortunately for him, several fellas were already out on the town as part of their collective ‘in-field training’.  And they were using the exact same line.  No matter, he left the bars and hit the pavements.  He approached 125 ladies and was ecstatic with himself.  He got an email address from one.  He describes her as an 8 out of 10.

Adonis resolved to make 1,000 such approaches during the month.  His reasoning, “I will no longer be resentful … and fear their power to make me feel inadequate.”

When I got to here, I could see why this’d got emailed around reps 🙂

With 4 days left in the month, Adonis hit the 1,000 mark.  He’d clearly learned a lot, the two main dawnings being:

1 – “There are only so many ways to get rejected or ignored.  It doesn’t hurt at all anymore because why should someone who’s a complete stranger have any control over your sense of self-worth?”

2 – “challenge or intrigue … right away instead of trying to be logical or factual”

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