Shaking The Tree

Here’s an email I received this morning that held my attention.  Adapting it could prove a useful and unobtrusive way of garnering interest from those suspects that you either know little about yet have their details, or those where contact has gone a touch quiet.

The fella started off by saying he’d just taken over my area, knew our firms had spoken in the past, and so wanted to share a current offer.  Keeping to these 3 themes allow for easy alteration to suit your case.  Here’s what followed:

To make this easy, please respond to this email by placing a number in the Subject
line (i.e. “2”) Thank you
“1” I am interested to talk, please call me as soon as you can
“2” I am interested, suggest a time for the future and we can have a brief phone
call about it
“3” I am somewhat interested, but prefer some more info in email first
“4” I am not interested at all

Both the structure and the instruction listed above I thought were excellent.  A neat way of throwing out a line and seeing who bites.  It was even sent at the end of yesterday which, if deliberate, was a good way of promoting prominent airtime when suspects open their inbox drinking their morning cuppa.  I would expect the odd response yet it’s how he chooses to follow this up that may start to earn him the real opportunities….

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