Client/Prospect Newsletters

I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before.  We’ve all heard of DM.  By whatever trendy sobriquet is popular at the time, communicating regularly with your customers is always a winner.  Yet how many of us as reps do this ourselves?

I overheard an informal coffee shop meeting the other day where the protagonists were discussing the importance of no longer being anal about what happens to their brand when communities of customers talk alongside it.  They touched upon examples (interestingly one related to a BBC Eastenders forum successfully ceasing to use paid moderators) which reminded me of music bloggers I read deciding which acts to see at an industry conference.

With literally hundreds of bands vying for airtime, one blogger when faced with two possible gigs, chose to see the ones that had sent her newsletters (regularly it turns out, over the past two years).

I then remembered the story told me by an old semi-mentor of mine, Kevin, of how every Friday afternoon he was ordered into the office so that, a) he’d stay out the pub, and b) he’d fax prospects a page of anything enticing.

With the advent of blogs, the ability to leverage glowing prose and insightful knowledge exponentially grows.  From now on, I must resolve to send a monthly email to each customer.  Who cares if they don’t read it, after it becomes habit, they’ll get the message.  And all this mail shall be about, is simply “what I’ve learned about your industry this month”.  Someone tell me this is a winner…

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