Flirting With Mirror Concept

The weekend broadsheets no longer benefit from my patronage.  This is not because they post their articles online immediately, but rather that I prefer to follow more niche subjects in the precious time sitting down with all those column inches used to take up of my valuable weekend relaxation.

So it was fairly absent-mindedly that I picked up one such ‘travel’ supplement in a cafe.  Nowhere that truly grabbed my instant attention as a future destination was featured, yet one headline did intrigue me.  There’s now apparently a booming industry in cheeky week’s away to pursue expertise in how to improve one’s life.  And chief among them are trips that allow you to spend time with an ‘expert’ on how to find ‘love’.  Amazing.  Anyway, with the scene set for a woman to talk me through her learnings from the self-proclaimed first-ever ‘flirt coach’ (on a wildly expensive Carribean week with half-a-dozen compadres) I expected to read a lot about ladies sitting ’round sipping cocktails, saying all blokes are crap, and then snogging as many barman as possible.

The best tip she picked up, was about the ‘mirror concept’.  This isn’t another slant on body language.  Instead, it suggests that as likes attract likes, if you write down the qualities you’re most after, then you should make efforts to exhibit such traits.  The idea then is that you’ll be more likely to attract people with these desired characteristics.

After a chuckle, it then dawned on me that this is a cute way of getting beyond stage one with a prospect.  I often feel like my best prospects are the visionaries.  There are many personality types I encounter within my target market decision makers.   Many are proud to be meat-and-potatoes process-driven button-pushers.  But when I capture the visionary inside of someone, they’ll more likely buy.  This mirror concept suggests that if I made a more conscious effort to expose such thinking, by being overtly of that persuasion as I talk myself, I’ll gain more customers.

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