Close Like Morgan Freeman Selling Mops

Or not. This hundred seconds of fun appears in the end credits of his 2006 gentle chuckle-along of a movie, 10 Items Or Less.

During his day alongside a beepeuse yearning for more than being chained to her uncomputerised checkout till, he visits American department store, Target.

Inside, after marvelling at the bewilderingly low prices, he encounters a woman selling mops to a clamouring public.

This was so similar to an experience I had once it was scary. Mine was in New York rather than Carson and had the crowd howling for kitchen knives rather than cleaning goods, but the cauldron was just as hot.

The performances of the pair in the clip above are superb, of course.

The bumbling mimicry offsets the relentless tutelage beautifully.

And there are some bewitching lines from the mop lady.

“you’ve got to cue them” – as she raises her hand hoping that the crowd subconsciously also raise theirs to show they wish to buy

“then always be nodding your head – that’s really important – it’s almost like hypnosis, like you nod your head, they nod their head – then they’re convinced that it’s a good price and they’re gonna buy it”

“never do anything negative”

“I assume even before they raise their hand they want one – ‘cos, ‘here’s what you’re gonna take home’ – you just assume that sale”

& you’ve got to love the “take home” message as the hands push the goods towards the salivating shoppers

Through the deft playing and humour, the message shines whether you’re in retail sales or not.

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