Comedy Sock Pie

Comedy Sock Pie

The above screenshot is from an ad by a website hoster promoting its ecommerce credentials.

The client testimony featured is an e-tailer that pivoted to making bamboo socks.

As you can see, they chose to show customer segments as parts of an actual sock.

There’s plenty of comic treatments for the much loved/loathed (delete as appropriate) piechart.

Or indeed chart graphics in general.

Most ‘funny’ such graphics though, sit their jokes inside traditional formats.

At least this one here plays with the shape a bit.

The light-hearted slide as teaser does have a place though.

Perhaps more internally than in front of clients.

Yet even externally, if making a particular message memorable is key, then to show it first as a bit of a muddle, only to sharpen the focus in the next slide, can be a winner to make it sticky.

Bringing along your equivalent of the bundle of bamboo as a prop is optional.

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