Government Achievements

I heard a former elected official who later became an appointed high-level advisor talk about a weekly email once sent round by the chief of staff.

It was the title that initially got them excited; Government Achievements.

Yet was sadly underwhelmed when it began to arrive.

All it listed, so he recalled, was a succession of what money’d been spent.

As you can imagine, writing a cheque with someone else’s cash is not in any sense an achievement at all.

Yet we can fall down the similar trap in Sales.

When we equate achievement solely to a deal being won.

With the display of a list of orders by revenue (or even profit).

To label these as achievements misses the same fundamental as the govt cheerleader’s email.

Go beyond the financial amount next to a client name. Think about other outcomes. Go from the money amount, to the value coming out of that amount.

Whether as a monthly or quarterly email or part of larger annual, SKO-style slot consider what is truly an achievement for you.

Preferably ones that align with the direction of travel you recommend.

Here’s a starter ten-pack for you;

  • New process element uncovered and proven
  • Sales tactic to cut cycle time
  • Particular competitor beaten
  • Tricky objection now handled
  • Re-bundle pitch working
  • Fresh product launch gaining market foothold
  • Funnel size increase / close rate improvement
  • Landmark sector breached
  • Client gets promoted because they bought from us
  • Customer usage legacy & business case proof reported

You still highlighting what is in effect a Sales Ledger printout…?

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