Global head of religious sect makes headlines for saying cancel culture should stop.

Cue journalists rushing to riff on the Papal Bull.

What struck me from a selling perspective, was his use of the term hermeneutics.

This concept has meaning well beyond the study of supposedly sacred texts.

Encompassing the general discussion around the theory and philosophy driving interpretation and understanding in a wide array of disciplines.

It is a term that can illuminate the machinations of a sale.

It is so often easy to lose sight of the hard, measurable impact of what buying from you will unleash. The data, numbers and finances can be secondary to impacts way less tangible.

Specifically, what it means for those affected.

A classic case of the emotion needing to match the logic in order to prevail.

One such idea that sellers will appreciate from this academic outpost, being wrapped up in a ‘hermeneutic circle’;

‘the reciprocity between text and context’.

Which also reinforces the old wisdom;

what’s important is not the change itself you propose, but the perception of the impact from that change.

On an abstract level, then, could we use this to remind ourselves of what sits on the twin plates of the scales either side of the fulcrum?

Text being the documented, accepted ‘reason’ or ‘fact’.

Context being how such is viewed, an individual’s ‘feeling’ whether for or against how they would be affected by them.

If so, have you assessed and covered what’s feeding and moving between each of these forces on your key bid?

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