Comic's Big Top Needs

Here's the final paragraph from a London broadsheet pr interview promoing the upcoming stand-up tour of Dylan Moran.

"He gets out a sheet of paper and asks me what I want from comedy. “I want a lot,” he says, “I want redemption. I want to be saved. I want to be told everything’s going to be alright.” He starts drawing what looks like a big top. So what do I want from comedy? I feel like a kid being asked what I want for Christmas. The answer’s obvious: a surprise! And with Moran, there’s no danger of anything else."

Picture that scene. Two people chatting. One 'selling'. The 'buyer' hoping for something juicy to work with. The former wanting them and their 'pitch' to be seen in the right light that leads to the parting of cash. The latter wishing the description of their 'wares' can be re-told to help make them themselves look good.

A Dublin lunch spot. Though it could be anywhere a two-way discussion takes place.

One party wants to get a point across in an engaging way. Interaction improves chance of being remembered no end.

Use a diagram.

Meeting norms disrupted. Attention newly sticks.

Pitch turns dialogue. One-way talk becomes a collaborative endeavour.

Even in this case, the mere act of seeing something sketched out - which sounds akin to a classic Maslow Hierarchy of Needs layered triangle - changes the participation level.

The 'answer' revealed as memorable punchline so full of impact, it proves worthy of concluding the later recollection in print.

Despite the question being one of looking for a single word, the journey to get there is what made the message ram home as much as the message itself.

And we too can do this.

There's nary a seller I meet who couldn't do with more real-time sketching in their armoury.

The joy of today, is that you can do it both in-person and on video.

You have a daybook or scrap of paper or even flipchart/whiteboard on hand in meeting rooms. You should also have a clipboard and small whiteboard around your zoom rig.

Mine cost me under a tenner combined. I also have ways of propping them up to display in-frame whilst on the video call for as long as deemed fit.

Don't be afraid. Get out yer crayons. Own that buying process.

Be distinctive like this and in the same way, you too can give your buying audience their own happy surprise.

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