Replication Crisis Glitch

The world of Psychology is having a moment of reappraisal.

It seems a number of the discipline's well-known experiments - ones promoting much of the field's teachings in the broader public psyche - are perhaps invalid.

I read that among several, these include; 'the Stanford prison experiment, implicit bias, Pygmalion effect, stereotype threat, power posing, multiple intelligences, brain training & learning styles'.

Consequently there is what is termed a 'reversal' going on.

The Earth is no longer Flat.

When the evidence changes, so can your mind.

With these psychological results, it is not necessarily that the original findings were flawed. It's that so strikingly few can be replicated. (Only in 40-65% of cases, as cited in the above tweets thread, apparently.)

Solution Sales is prone to a similar effect.

Particularly along the lines of the "effect-size shrinkage".

Every buyer expects the same treasures appearing in their world as for the glossiest of testimonials you regaled them with to tempt sign up in the first place.

Yet such pot o' gold does not tend to magically present itself.

It is often necessary, in varying degrees but usually not insignificantly, for your new client to travel under their own steam to the end of the rainbow.

Any map may even be vague, have routes without local shortcuts, and pockmarked by dreaded references to doldrums.

Just about every solution purchase needs genuine buyer commitment to make it succeed.

From senior exec (aka the PSC-style for any entity) championing, to proper resources being planned in, through to recognition that the effort put in will be matched by the riches flowing back out.

Some of these can be shied away from during pitching.

Might they discourage the buyer? Prolong the sales cycle? Add-in more people that could put off any decision entirely?

Knowing, intimately, how others made their results happen will help you ward off forces which may prevent success with your wares elsewhere being copy 'n pasted onto another setting.

Do you know how?

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