Commission Pre-Spent Picture

A quick note from the Beeb’s gripping documentary on a Welsh call centre.

When running a ‘masterclass’ training session, Manager Dwayne pushes his charges to have a visual in front of them about what they’d spend their commission on.

He regales how when he started he was desperate for a car. So his goal was to buy “an Audi A3, cash”. He had the pic next to his PC, and he reached his goal.

He encouraged the team to do the same.

The youngest member wanted to go to New York. So was urged to have the Big Apple in his cubicle.

One lady then mentioned this gem;

“I’m saving for something myself and changed my password on the system to what it is so I think about it every time I log on”

Dwayne was impressed, “brilliant, brilliant”.

I know it’s a bit corny, but I’ve always liked this. There’s nothing wrong with a cheeky little pic to inspire you along in this way. And I’ve even blogged on dreamboards before in a similar way.

Fans of this show, note I’ve written other blogs on Nev’s Call Centre selling insights – focusing on shift manager Dwayne’s pitching, a touch of brotherly coaching love, and the winner of voice of the year.

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