Competition through Commission

I always maintain to newbie sales people that avoiding getting distracted by other reps performance is vital. 

They must remember in most sales teams different financial targets have evolved, often dependent on experience, markets and products, so someone pulling in a $10m deal cannot be compared to a starter dealing in $10k average order values.

Although everyone can have an easily grasped ‘performance against target’ percentage and see them plastered on intranets or daily spreadsheets sent out from HQ, in reality, the only competition you should concern yourself with, is your own performance against target.

My 2 boiler roomers in London are spending a lot of time on the phone, trying to book first appointments.  They’re dishing a lot of playful stick out to each other when one edges ahead in the bookings league.  And one asked me why they didn’t have an extra incentive to pull in more meetings, along the lines of extra money for a big night out.

My response was we could always alter the weekly salary amount.  How about the one who gets the most earns an extra 50 quid, with the other £50 less.  A draw means they stay as normal.

They didn’t seem too enthusaistic, but I quite like the sound of it….

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