Compost In Three Words

Advice for those with a garden compost heap. A radio show elicited listener tips “in just three words”;

  • browns and greens
  • turn it today
  • leave out thorns
  • plenty of worms
  • pee on it
  • wet and dry
  • loose leaf tea
  • use quail poo

I am a fan of this type of exercise. Always happy to come across one, regardless of field.

Interested also to hear that their selection are devoid of the hendiatris. So no ‘turn, worm, wee’, for instance.

I’ve often blogged on the discipline of the 3-word statement and its power for our pitch. Here’s a quick, seasonal reminder to churn your old phrases into fresh life-giving soil. What advice would you want to give potential buyers, or anyone in the position that might preface the need for your wonderful wares?

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