Duke Of Hazard Summary Slide Recap

The guy’s a dead loss. His family an offense to democracy. The French had the right idea in 1789.

After his car crash interview last weekend, with so many issues it’s scary but chief among them zero empathy with victims of under-age sex trafficking to which he may or may not have borne witness, to the talentless, toxic ‘Airmiles Andy’, finally, good riddance.

There appears universal satisfaction in the “Pariah Prince” finally departing public life.

The Daily Mail for one news organisation have been across this for a long while now.

Above is their picture team’s collage from this week of posting. As they headline, The Duke of Hazard: Embarrassing stunts, shocking misjudgments, and very shady friends… the photos that show Prince Andrew has never been far from a crisis.

The composite image serves also as a neat Sales presentation reminder.

There’s something I often see missing from decks. Normally appearing as your penultimate slide.

Your ‘sum up’. The pre-wrap-up, pre-exhortation recap of what’s gone before.

Here is a classic such recapitulation display.

Six squares, in a three-column two-row matrix perfect for typical slide dimensions.

A rubric you can deploy whether you have say only four of five themes to namecheck too. As you can always fill the remaining square(s) with other imagery like your key chart without any legend, prospect logo, or simply leave in background colour alone.

In any case, always nice to be reminded to properly balance our presentation flow and make our ending punch as powerfully as possible.

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