Damson Jam, Dickens & Your Pitch

Politician TV debates. Head-to-heads, nowadays hyped up beforehand by broadcasters like a superhero movie trailer. Late-Autumn 2019 it’s Britain’s turn. The first-ever televised General Election duel took place this week of the binary pair vying for residence in Number Ten as Prime Minister.

“Hazardous”, as the FT termed it for any frontrunner like Boris Johnson. More to lose than a challenger like Jeremy Corbyn has to gain.

51-49 was the instant result, duly grabbing one pollster the spotlight, quick off the mark leaving its competitors floundering. Apparently, no-one’s mind changed. Three weeks out from voting day, the result stays folly to call.

Yet one audience provided question glimpses Sales insight.

What present would you leave under the Christmas Tree for each other this year?

You could smile along to the answers. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Damson Jam. Whilst later sniggering at the subsequent Scrooge and ‘jam tomorrow’ jibes.

Such unscripted moments often chomp the lion’s share of post-match coverage.

As with similar such ‘last question’ debate tropes – file with What you may admire about an opponent and Your biggest weakness – there’s a deflecting Sales alignment to be made here.

In thought-experiment fashion, who might you get what for a gift? Whether crimble, Spring-bunnytime or even birthday. A deal personality, a brand, a department. In a way that disarmingly, semi-seriously, gets across the true, and hopefully defining nature of your offering and its wonderful uniqueness.

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