Computational Gastronomy Dealonomy

Lamb & mint sauce goats cheese. Coffee & cream garlic. Roast beef & gravy chocolate.

Established food pairings can be bettered. Say scientists looking for links between chemical compounds. Ones our species’ tastebuds have somehow overlooked. They’ll be putting spaghetti on pizza next.

We all have our own personal delicious combos. Duck & plum. Fish & chips. Anything with fig, naturally.

But also will recognise that moment when a whole new meal of the unlikely happily opens up to us.

Do you have a typical combination that makes for an ideal deal?

Please don’t say simply “budget & need”.

What pairings, which when they appear on your plate, mean you gobble up every single bid?

Pairings that may not be the obvious. Could even be considered bizarre.

Does your prospect show a particular branding character? Allow a specific role to pursue investigations? Use certain software? Sell in a focused way themselves? Invest unusually in labs? Guarantee a singular project manager? Devote exec time to unaligned areas? Let you talk with their clients? Parachute in managers? Don’t dress down Fridays? Dress down all days? Any completely unrelated to traditional outlooks on how what you’re offering gets taken up.

The boffins conjured these ideas assessing 56,498 recipes. Quite the dataset. Yet with any evidenced-based strategy, can you leave the prejudice of hunch and intuition aside for a moment?

You will know many done deals from the past. But can you pinpoint what they may share? In a way which lets you out-target your competition. Then perhaps you can adapt the words of the goggled gastronomes yourself;

‘It’s led to something called computational dealonomy. We can use datasets about buyer compounds to change the way we experience sales success.’

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