Conference Bespoke Scoring For Maximum Message Volume


Listening to a straw poll magazine piece on the streets of the unlikely English Premier League 2016 frontrunners, I chuckled to hear the scoring system.

The interviewer asked each local to give their rating out of 110% on whether their team could stay the pace and be champions.

It caused giggles. Giving “a hundred and ten percent” being the standard mocked phrase of the monosyllabic footballer. It clearly made a few people think a bit harder too.

I was reminded of the famous Spinal Tap volume dial on their amps. So loud they could go up to 11. So influential that even the BBC also graded their iPlayer volume control slider one to eleven.

A while back in Singapore I ran a sales kick-off conference session. I used a photo I took from the local refurbished Changi airport toilet feedback devices. The tablet sized touchscreen at the top of this post. Using their scale for delegates to lodge opinion.

With mid-term conference season approaching, it’s a note to apply a bespoke, personalised and different voting system. And make your message more memorable as a result.

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