Cool Slide Format From Management Change PR

Well, I’m not a Manchester United fan. So when this was widely reported (posted prematurely onto their facebook page), I was in the someone’s-losing-their-job camp, rather than the give-them-a-break camp. Who cares if you’ve not had to announce a new manager for 26 years, this was an embarrassment.

Still, I really like the idea.

Here’s how you can easily adapt this for a slide with impact in your next presentation deck. Whether selling in front of a prospect or at an internal get-together.

One-colour background. Preferably your most vibrant corporate hue.

Pick a mantra. What is it you’re hoping to kick-start, trumpet or, as in this case, continue?

(Note the use of black and white writing and copy this to make your text stand out too – similarly, use a simple sans serif font like they did)

Know your call to action. Have it on-screen as a strapline under your headline whatever it is you want people to ‘do’.

Hue. Continue. To Do.

Easy. A neat way to talk about something important or have a constant reminder during a task break-out.

As a final aside, I wrote this post a day after this press office debacle, and was surprised no parody had found its way onto my google image search results. I shudder at how some of those disposed to wish Man Utd ill might produce their own scathing slide. Perhaps best not to leave your work open to something like that, so by way of friendly example, I’ll switch to a different sport…

… & I like darker backgrounds too…

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