Coordinated Persuasion Word

There is chatter about behind-the-scenes ‘dark masters’ who influence the language of politicians.

To such an extent, that not only is there an arranged ‘party line’ to tow – as has ever been the case – now there is a specific, key word which must be uttered.

Not an argument, nor a slogan, but a single word alone.

This word seems to take the form of an adjective. And applies directly to either what you see as the shortcomings of your opponent(s) or the laudable trait you wish your side (or specifically, your leader) to be known for.

Such labels this seasons include; botched, forensic & backtracking.

What is noticeable about this trio though, is that neither one of them seem to stand up to scrutiny. But when has the truth ever stood in the way of political posturing…

In our Sales realm, I would never recommend the blatant disparaging of competition.

So perhaps we ought have a word that best sums up our own attractive merits.

And one that is based in fact, too.

Maybe better not as an overall descriptor, but more a particular element of our offering, delivery or stance.

Then what makes such word sing for you, is that you coach any and everyone around you to use it.

Coordinate them in their persuasion.

At any and every chance they get.

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