Spelling Out Pie Difference

This trio of pie chart treatments lately hold pleasing reminders to try and do something a little different.

The good ol’ human brain is not too hot at deciphering the differences between areas. So why not help your viewer? Above shows a ring – corona if you prefer – around the smaller with helpful label added to ram home the actual difference. Otherwise, would you really spot that green is 1½-times bigger than red?

Then there’s the generally captivating IIB daily updates. As well as interesting text slide formats, there’s plenty of chart ideas too.

This one useful for when needing to stick within and maximise a landscape container. Don’t forget the hemisphere. Semi-circles for ring charts are just as potent as a full blown circle. Not too the ’empty’ dotted-line outer.

And thirdly, a smile. From a t-shirt vendor.

Sometimes, several values all add up to the same thing. Why bother to waste the thought processing power of your audience to figure it out. Smack ’em with it.

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