Core Or Portfolio

These past few days there’s been much water cooler chitter-chatter about whether homeworking (or at the very least, the chance to ‘work from home’ when the ‘boiler man’ or whatever, is due during office hours) is about to die out.

That’s because at Yahoo it suddenly appears it’s demise is imminent.

I also enjoyed the review link (although not the political assessment) in the above referenced article to Charles Handy’s 1994 book, The Empty Raincoat.

Pleasantly new to me is his equation that if you pay half as many staff double the money, then productivity rises threefold.

I also got reminded of that well-known distinction between the people that ‘run’ a business, and those that ‘merely’ supply services to it. Otherwise termed core or portfolio workers, when the chips are down, times are tight, or there’s a budget cull coming, it is those in the portfolio seats that suffer first.

As salespeople, we need to be seen as core. Hard core, you might say.

Are you seen as such?

If not, by coincidence I overhead a news report today on the outgoing Chinese premier listing “his” achievements over the past five years.

607,000 km of new roads. 19,000 km of new railway. 31 new airports.

Strange he didn’t add ‘zero elections’.

Anyway, in trumpeting these, he was in a way suggesting he was indeed, ‘core’.

What are your recent achievements? And how can you list them to show that you too, are Core?

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