Create Your Deal Owning Blend

timemag blends portmanteau

One for salespeople that like wordplay.

Wannabe copywriters or those that feel they can outdo their marketing brethren relish the construct that is a portmanteau.

I note from the recent Time magazine double “answers” issue that the Americans prefer their own label to the French-derived. They call such neologisms blends.

A mash-up of two words to create a brand new one.

The joy is when your fresh invention ‘sticks’ and speeds around your world.

As the article pictured above mentions, frenemy, affluenza and bromance enter the dictionary with a bang.

So one question obviously crops up.

Is there such a blend that you can apply to an element of your prospect’s needs? One that sums up neatly where your product improves their lot? And which brings a smile to the face with cracking recall and gets adopted?

Make-up a new word in this fashion alongside your prospect, which then gets used by all involved, and you’re well on the way to generating your brand stamp and owning the bid.

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