Performance Review Scrap

About time.

The corporate trend to scrap performance reviews gathered serious momentum this week.

Yet another global behemoth chose to get rid of this vile, septic procedure.

Now consultant Accenture finally realise they only reward narcissistic self-promoters.

Compounded by longtime gripes of distraction, cost and complete irrelevance.

I hope your business similarly sees the light.

Performance reviews are an embarrassment to humanity. Performance reviewing, on the other hand, is essential.

The one-off versus the ongoing.

Our Sales arena tends to eschew such anathema as we have constant evaluation. In terms of achievement against target.

Yet like sport team selection, true meritocracy proves elusive.

You can be regularly bottom of the log, yet keep your job over someone higher.

Rarely does the school that you should ruthlessly chop the very worst hold sway.

This is a chance for me to repeat my possibly most favoured counsel.

Performance should be measured not on outcomes but on process.

Rather than mere number of quota, you must focus on those activities and markers which get you there.

A classic being from the world of cold-calling.

I’ve always loved the concept of treasuring ‘conversations’ over ‘meetings’ for instance.

Still, glad to see this penny-drop speed up pace.

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