Sales Charter Prospect Rights

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Here’s a shot I took off a Skynews slot.

It’s in reference to a proposed digital charter for children.

The one garnering most chatter is up top. An ability to delete your own posted web trail when you turn 18.

This reminded me of big company initiatives along similar lines.

Sadly they usually smack of a going-through-the-motions exercise. Written by someone trying to justify their existence. Treated with disdain, ignored by the salesforce.

Yet with a little focus, these can be used as a dynamic statement of intent.

When turned internally, essential aspects such as the right to have detailed pricing delivered within a day, the right to ensure pre- and post- sales resource is consistent, or the right to have leads provided to the value of certain quota can be a good corporate side of the bargain.

Then there’s your prospect expectations. Should they have the right to have a detailed Prop on demand? Or know that the delivery team will be introduced during their buying process? Or even that they be made to look good in a meeting with you alongside their CEO?

It’s an interesting exercise. Specifically when aligned to both the end-customer viewpoint and your latest strategic direction. One you could even hand over to your team for ideas (and ownership) at the next quarterly conference.

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