Credit Crunch Focus

The permafrost that is blanket media coverage these days loves talking ourselves into wobbles.  This morning though, the English media were surprisingly reporting that the banks felt the worst was over for our current economic blip.  That hasn’t stopped lots of companies issues dictats that costs must be at best, froze, at worst, slashed.

Talking with one of my clients today, they recounted a tale of an Indian-owned switchgear plant in the N West of England.  Their order-booked is crammed beyond the horizon.  Growth for the next year is projected at 50%.  Yet, HQ has said no extra cash shall be spent.  Expansion must be acheived with what they’ve already got in place.

Having just plonked down a proposal asking them to fork out £1,200 a month for the next 5 years, money not being spent right now, the rep was understandably concerned.  His action was to determine how much the prospect really wanted what he was offering.  On the basis it’d make his life way easier, he remained very keen.  So they’re now working on a document together that justifies the investment based on forensically calculated time and cost savings.

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